Regular care and maintenance are crucial to getting the longest possible lifespan out of any pool finish. If taken care of properly a marble and quartz plaster pool finish will last 8-12 years. Pebble and polished finishes are the most durable and longest lasting pool finishes available typically seeing 15-20+ year life spans if maintained properly, they also tend to keep their luster through their lifetime. Please follow the National Plasterers Council (NPC) Start up Guidelines available from NPC.

Textures will vary depending on what finish you choose. The polished and commercial finishes will tend to be the smoothest and the pebbles used in Gemstone pebble products are delicately smoothed by nature, giving the surface a textured finish that is non-abrasive and very pleasing to the touch. Keep in mind that your Gemstone finish should never feel sharp or jagged, hiring an experienced installer is key. The smaller pebble in the mixture, the less texture you will feel.

Please refer to our Licensed Installer page to find a Gemstone installer in your area. If you do not see one listed, please give us a call and we can help you locate a quality installer in your area.

Although Gemstone interiors are very durable, proper maintenance is crucial in order to insure a long lifespan for your interior finish. We recommend the National Plasterers Council’s standards for Start Up Procedures and Daily Water Chemicals and Maintenance found here.

The rich selection of Gemstone Exposed Aggregate Pool Surfaces is the culmination of years of cooperation among some of the world’s finest swimming pool surface specialists. Only through the continued exchange and refining of ideas could these superior finish products have ever been created. Decades worth of collective experience, problem-solving and careful study of raw materials and application techniques are behind every Gemstone product.

Pool water color has many determinants, the type and pigment color in your finish, the landscape and hardscape surrounding your pool, lighting and time of day, depth and shape of pool and even water conditions. The water color in your pool will be unique to your pool and often changing based on these underlying factors. As a general rule of thumb for a blue water color choose a finish that is white, grey, blue or black. The darker the color the deeper blue you will achieve. To achieve a green water color use a finish that has green, brown or tan hues. Our gallery can be helpful tool to help you choose a pool finish that helps you achieve the water color you are looking for.

As your pool interior cures over the first few weeks it is normal to have a small amount of pebbles fall out of the finish. This will not affect the overall look or texture of your interior finish.

Your local installer can provide you with Gemstone interior samples, if you are unable to obtain samples from an installer please contact our offices and we can connect you with a local sales representative.

I am a homeowner, can I apply Gemstone myself?

Pool plaster installation is a skilled trade and not an ideal DIY project. We only sell our products to licensed contractors, to find your local installer please visit our licensed installer page.